Fask - 100% Cotton Face Covering Mask | Buy 3-Layer Protective Fask UK

[“Fask definition



noun: fask; plural noun: fasks;

A hybrid of the two words face mask. It is a face mask covering made of cotton fibre on the inner layer. With a blend of cotton and polyester on the outer layer fitting over the nose and mouth to protect against air pollutants. Or can can be a cotton fibre face covering that can be used on public transport and other areas where a face mask covering is required.”]

Fask - 100% Cotton Face Covering Mask | Buy 3-Layer Protective Fask UK
Technical Specification | Clear Panel Face Mask (FASK) UK
Mask Specification | Fask - 100% Cotton Face Covering Mask for Sale UK
Our Brand

why a Fask and what is the Difference to others

We are excited to offer our face-covering mask; Triple-layered protective FASK that is CE Tested (chemical-free), and a Clear panel FASK as featured in the British Deaf News and has been much lauded by UK councils and several UK deaf charities. In addition we provide a broad selection of PPE available online. Our products are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are of the utmost quality. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with complete satisfaction through our technical support service available during the business hours.

Who we are

A British company based in London, United Kingdom.

The founders of FASK have an abundance of experience in supplying and distributing for the Medical and Healthcare sector. They have vast experience in delivery and how products are tested to a high standard. To date they have successfully delivered over 1.5million items of PPE to their customers.

With this wealth of experience as a great foundation, the founders of FASK have designed their FASK branded products that are reusable and washable. FASK is based on high quality testing and aligns with with recommended guidelines by the World Health Organisation. This ensures the highest quality materials are used that are chemical free that is kind to the skin for their own branded FASK products.

The serious stuff about the company

FASK face covering is the only CE tested face covering available in the UK. Our product can be safely used on public transport and other areas where a face covering is required.

Our products are made of high quality materials that are kinder to the skin and can filter airborne particles. The FASK is proud to be aligned to the World Health Organisation guidelines for recommended fabrics.

Quality Customer Service

It's important to have a trusted brand who's always looking out for you. That's why every day is dedicated to providing the best service to you, our customer.

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