About FASK

Our main aim is to create stylish FASK’s that are kind to your skin and keep you looking beautiful. Designed by pharmacists, our face masks are chemical free and have been tested in UK science labs to eliminate the risk of maskne. We want you to feel great about yourself in your Fask knowing that our chemical free products means you never have to worry about maskne again.

We only use materials that are in line with the World Health Organization to provide you with the best protection when wearing one of our products. Your safety is our highest priority.

Our face masks are supported by London Dermatologist Dr Anil. a Cosmetic Physician specializing in Anti-Ageing Medicine and Cosmetic Dermatology. We aim to provide you with a safe face mask that cares for your skin. 

About FASK: The Serious Stuff

High Quality

Our products are made of high quality materials that are kinder to the skin and can filter airborne particles

One of a kind

FASK face covering is the only CE tested face-covering available in the UK. Our product can be safely used on public transport and other areas where a face covering is required. FASK is ethically sourced and made from high quality cotton and materials 

World Health Organization

The FASK is proud to be fully aligned to the World Health Organization guidelines for recommended fabrics.

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