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Fask Clear Panel Face Covering is an auxiliary aid and improves communication. With the clear panel covering, this allows for lip reading and better communication between the user and the person they are conversing with. This improves the communication for the hard of hearing, for sign language users and for lip reading. Due to this purpose, quality of life can be improved significantly for the user.

Previously, it has been difficult for hard of hearing mask users to communicate effectively whilst on public transport and in shops. With Fask Clear Panel Face Covering, the user is safe and no longer has to remove their covering to communicate with people, whilst ensuring that all government guidelines for wearing face coverings are met.

Fask Clear Panel Face Covering has two adjustable ear loops which is convenient for all users and ages. Each ear loop is placed behind each ear and can be tightened or loosened as per the user’s preference and comfort. The user can mould and adjust

the nose clip accordingly to fit their face for better coverage and for a more comfortable fit.

Traditional surgical masks are designed to block bodily fluids and particulate materials away from the user’s face. These masks are for surgeons/nurses/doctors.

Our coverings provide an anti-fog plastic barrier, which helps prevent particles or droplets from getting through the mouth barrier.

There is not currently a surgical/NHS clear panel face mask approved for lip reading. At the time of writing and to the best of our knowledge, our clear panel face covering is the only UK face covering that has a clear face panel for lip reading currently.

Fask Clear Panel Face Coverings are in accordance with the UK gov guidelines forface coverings. Please see link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own

Fask Clear Panel Face Coverings are reusable and hand washable and can be worn outside.

Yes, Fask Clear Panel Face Coverings are reusable and hand washable.

Fask Clear Panel Face Covering is made from high quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and is designed to be anti-haze and anti-fog. Therefore, ourface covering should be clear when the user wears it.

Yes, they are made of high-quality polyester and come with an adjustable nose clip to help the user mould and adjust the mask for comfort and ease of breathing.


Yes they are reusable and advice to hand wash only, avoid using any form of bleach on the product.

Triple Layered Protective FASK

Yes they are reusable and can be hand washed, please remove the Pm 2.5 filter before washing and avoid using any bleach products

To ensure a proper fit, each ear loop is placed behind each ear and can be tightened or loosened as per the user’s preference and comfort. The FASK logo would be on the bottom left hand side of the face.

Yes it is breathable as the main fabric used is cotton, which is anti-microbial and waterproof.

Our product has been CE tested in a UK lab and the fabric used to make the product is deemed safe to wear.  In addition our product does follow the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation for face coverings. 

There are no formal regulatory guidelines for face coverings in the UK market at present. As a company we have taken the initiative to get the product tested to the CE standard and follow guidance issued by the World Health Organisation.

If the product is used daily for long periods of time, it is advised to replace after 7 days.

General FAQs

All orders are processed from our UK fulfilment centre. 

Our masks are manufactured in China.

Once you receive your shipping confirmation, for UK domestic orders take between 1-5 business days. We do offer 24 to 48 hour services. However due to Covid 19, whilst most packages do arrive on time. There may be  a rare incidence where we cannot guarantee the timeline as the dependency is on the courier and subject to their availability.  We use DHL or similar carrier for all international orders to ensure smooth delivery. International orders can take up to 7 business days depending on the destination.

At times, products may have Pre-Order options available which allow shoppers to buy in advance for inhigh-demand products arriving to our warehouse. Details for delivery will be listed on the product page if you find the product's title includes "Pre-Order." Should you wish to pre-order, it is recommended especially if you want to ensure you have access to the product.

Yes, all our products are made by manufacturers with highly qualified credentials and have ethical working practices under our code of conduct. We ensure ourpartnered factories uphold to our ethical standards and have the appropriate certifications in place to reflect the high quality.

Payments are processed in GBP Sterling.When making payment, your purchase amount will automatically convert at checkout from GBP sterling into any currency you wish to place your order in.

You may have received an exclusive promotional code from one of our amazing social influencers and/or from time to time our company does release discount promotional codes You can insert the code at the end of checkout where your discount will be applied. Kindly note, promotional codes have expiration dates and may have limited eligibility. The code may be rejected if it’s not eligible with your order. Promotional discount codes cannot be combined unless otherwise stated in the promotion.

If it is a domestic order within the UK (except Northern Ireland) and the goods are being dispatched to an address within the UK (except for Northern Ireland), then yes the final price paid factors this in. However for International deliveries where shipping taxes and duty maybe applicable, or any other miscellaneous shipping fees associated with importing the good into the country, are not included and are not covered by FASK. If a customer chooses to refuse a package due to payment of taxes and duties, the order is sent back to FASK. In the event of this happening, FASK may be required to pay extra charges by the courier. The fees charged will be deducted from your initial payment when being refunded for your order once the package has arrived back in our UK facility. In this case, shipping will not be refunded as well.

Shipping is calculated by a parcel's total weight and the distance to its destination. 

No, for health and safety reasons during Covid-19 these products cannot be exchanged or refunded. The only exception is if the product was rejected at customs and returned to our site, upon inspection and confirming the goods have not been opened or used. A refund will be provided which will factor a deduction of any additional costs imposed by the customer rejecting the parcel at customs or out for delivery.

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