As featured on the British Deaf News. This product has been designed for the Deaf and hard of hearing community. The product has a clear panel in the middle of it that permits lip reading and sign language correspondence to be communicated with ease as oppose to taking off the product in an area where it is mandatory for coverings to be on at all times. The material used for the clear panel is made of a high quality PET that is less likely to fog up (anti-fog).

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The Clear Panel FASK is made from highest quality cotton with a secure particle- resistant outer layer and has the highest quality PET that that permits the the users to lip-read and to communicate sign language Adjusts to various sizes with flexible ear loops to guarantee an appropriate fit. As recently featured on the and Scratch Magazine.

The Clear Panel Fask is washable and reusable. It has a defensive particle-resistant outer layer with polyester fibre middle layer for particle filtration. Kind and delicate to the skin and breathable high quality cotton inner layer with a clear PET panel in the middle of face covering.

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One size fits all; flexibly adjustable elasticated ear loops for all face sizes unisex, reusable, and washable.

This Products Usefulness with Combatting COVID-19:

The UK Government officially recommends face covers on public transport and in open regions where such face covering is required to diminish the danger of spreading. The clear panel in the focal point of THE CLEAR PANEL FASK permits the user to unmistakably convey by means of communication via gestures and lip perusing. Medical masks should even now be held for health-care workers.

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 For security and sanitation purposes, this item is for final sale and can’t be returned or traded..

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